From the beginning, our primary objective was to help entrepreneurs develop new software that matters—building the products that help people and making this world a better place for all, including us.

Bhavesh Tarkhala


Since 2016, we have helped our clients ship products for multiple platforms.

I worked with TechAvidus for over 2 years. The team is incredible. They are very responsive, responsible, dedicated, and capable. I strongly recommend the team for any project, however complex.

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Core Value

TechAvidus’ Core Values

TechAvidus’ core values evolved with us as the company grew, and we learned from our experiences.

Our values are essential to our culture and unique sense of accomplishment. Those values incorporate what we want to achieve and may evolve in the future as we aim higher and higher.

Why TechAvidus?

There are many reasons to partner with TechAvidus, but here we outline the fundamental values and principles that define our company's culture and make TechAvidus stand out from the rest.

Unique Approach
A Unique Approach to Every Client

Customer enjoys the attention and cares they get at TechAvidus. Our short decision-making process allows us to create individual propositions for our clients. We never settle for “good enough “when we know we can do better.

Risk free
Risk free 2 Week Trial

You pay ZERO if you decide to stop within two weeks. We allow this free period to evaluate the code quality, communication, on-time delivery, agile software development process, and more of the hired trial resource.

Rigorous Vetting
Rigorous Vetting & Outstanding Talents

We adhere to a strict hiring process and evaluate hundreds of engineers to fill in positions. Our recruitment process includes:

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

TechAvidus Workspace allows you to get greater visibility into your remote developer’s work with daily stand-ups, automatic time tracking, and mouse/keyboard activities.

Top rated
Top rated

We have a history of happy customers who have trusted us with their highly complex, mission-critical software requirements. We are top-rated by third-party marketplace websites.

Continuous Learning
Continuous Learning

We at TechAvidus are learners all the time. Take a risk and make mistakes – that's how we learn and innovate. We utilize our software development learning and encourage our employees' ongoing teaching by providing regular workshops and development programs.

Ability to scale
Ability to scale

We are based in Gandhinagar, India, and have access to an enormous talent pool. We are capable of hiring additional developers within a matter of weeks.

A Strong Corporate Culture
A Strong Corporate Culture & Stability

Culture doesn’t happen by chance – we are proactive and working hard daily to keep it that way. We have built an inclusive, transparent, and socially responsible culture, which helps us to retain 90% of our employees for the longer term. Hence, we guarantee the long-term stability of the same resource to our partners.

Quo Constructively
Question the status Quo Constructively and Take ownership

Our team trusts their knowledge and gut, even if they need to question our CEO. We often go that extra step to become our clients' long-term strategic partners.

Professional Communication
Professional Communication

We strive to ensure that customers feel satisfied. We're honest in our discussions with our clients. We share our concerns, provide regular updates to our clients, and ask them for their constructive feedback.

Project Co-ordinator
Project Co-ordinator

Your project leads will have more than seven years of experience on various projects. They recommend the development of best practices, help with critical tasks and assist with communication issues.

Success Manager
Success Manager

Success Manager is a member of our senior management. You can contact them on Teams, Skype, Whatsapp, etc. In reality, things do not always go as planned. Anyone can make a mistake. The question is: how fast can we provide a resolution?

“Our values are built on principles: Integrity, Commitment, Quality, and Care. We've been in the field with a strong dedication to ensure you are delighted and achieve your goals."

Keshu Keshvala


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