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React Native Overview

React Native is an open-source UI framework whose birth credits go to Facebook. The popularity and convenience make React Native an interesting choice amongst many apps. These include Facebook, Instagram, uber eats, Skype, etc.

  • React Native has recently seen an upsurge in applications because it boosts cross-platform app development.
  • React Native is built on React which is a JavaScript library. React is already very successful and famous amongst website and app developers.
  • With React Native you can build android and ios applications without maintaining two separate codes and development teams.
  • For the top app development companies, this proves to be highly beneficial. The advantage of reusing the same codebase for multiple platforms enables app development teams to build apps with high performance in less time and cost.

Why React Native for App Development?

In the current era where mobile app development is in huge demand, React Native is proving a top edge technology framework. There are some great benefits of using React Native.

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Easy expansion of customer base

No need to decide and debate on your target audience now. With react native, you can write one code and run it on both your Android as well as ios applications.


Platform consistency

With native apps maintaining the same consistency across multiple apps becomes very difficult. React Native allows you to make apps that are consistent across platforms so that the brand identity is maintained nicely.

UX ui Design

Code Reusability

The biggest advantage of cross-platform app development! With native apps you need two different developers one for the android and another for iOS. React Native allows you to use the same codebase for both the OS and save a huge amount of time, cost, and effort.


Quick Development

A large amount of code can be reused. This helps in saving time for two separate projects. Development is quick and productive.

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React Native leverages code reusability and encourages quick development which ultimately reduces the cost of development. React native apps are 30% cheaper than native apps.

React Native App Development Services at TechAvidus

  • React Native Consulting
  • React Native App Development
  • React Native Migration & Upgradation
  • React Native UI/UX Design
  • React Native Support and Maintenance
  • React Native App Performance
  • Server-Side APIs for Mobile

Why Choose Techavidus for React Native?

If you are looking for enhancing your mobile apps with less time and cost. Techavidus is the right choice for you!

No matter whether you want to build an app from scratch or migrate it to react native framework. Our top app development services will you the best, that’s our assurance! We have the best react native professionals that are highly experienced in building robust apps with the best features and functionalities. They have the right expertise to build react native app that is compatible with multiple platforms upholding consistency and brand identity.

Your choice of TechAvidus guarantees you with:

  • Experience React Native app developers who are aligned with the recent trends and technologies in the market
  • On-Time delivery
  • Signed NDA
  • Maintenance and support after the app delivery
  • Top coding standards and principles
  • Code with a future-proof strategy
  • Rigorous testing for a bug-free app development

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Frequently Asked Questions

With speedy changes in the technological viewpoint and emerging entrepreneur’s requirements, it’s innocent to say that cross-platform app development methods, particularly React Native is assumed to be in very high demand in the near future. React Native has already earned extensive popularity and companies are enthusiastic about gaining on its true potential.

The time expected to build a React Native app depends on plenty of determinants such as the complexity of the design, development platform, feature selection, app testing, and much more. Get in touch with us with your business requirements to identify the estimated timeline.

Yes, an existing native app can be transferred to a react native application with the support of experienced React Native experts. We, at TechAvidus, can help you with the step-by-step procedure of integration.

The cost of developing React Native apps depends on different factors such as app complexity, UI/UX designs, number of feature sets, etc. Only after accurately going by all your project requirements, we able to give you an actual cost.

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