Question and Answer Platform

The Concept

There is so much to learn beneath the earth. Nothing else but a knowledge management system can be the best way to ensure that knowledge is disseminated in the proper way for fruitful results. A knowledge sharing platform can be the top solution to not only post your queries and get answers but also gain from the experiences of others. A knowledge sharing platform development can encapsulate various features to give a boost to the creation of a community that is eager to learn and grow.

The Challenges

The proficient team of TechAvidus encountered a requirement of building an application of knowledge management. The inputs provided by the client reflected his desire, but as usual, our team wanted to make a unique solution that can go one step forward and can have some elegant and quirky features to separate it from the existing ones. Though the task seemed easy but embedding functionalities to make it a unique application of knowledge management was itself a challenging task.

The Solution

After a comprehensive analysis of the needs of the client and evaluation of the process, the team of TechAvidus came up with a vigorous knowledge management system application where the community can easily post their questions and get results. Not only this, but the answers can also be visualized graphically to get an insight into their results and impact. In short, the application was a one-stop solution for the community members to collaborate instantly in a secure and social environment.


  • The knowledge management platform allows users to explore thousands of question posted by curious people from diverse niches
  • User can create his profile and track all the questions and answers.
  • Elegant and easy-to-use interface
  • User can post his question, get an answer and analyze it with the help of figures and graphs to determine its reach and impact
  • User can share his answers globally, eventually spreading the word

If you are looking for a knowledge sharing platform, our team can provide you with the right software solution that resonates with your business. Contact us now.

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