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Leading Mobile Application Development Services Company, TechAvidus helps businesses to launch an intuitive app for better operational efficiency and engagement.

Our applications enable our customers to reach a wider audience with different operating systems and devices.

What we do?


Cross-Platform App Development

  • Cross-Platform apps come with benefits that help businesses appear on Android, iOS, Windows, and Web platforms using a unified codebase.
  • A few more advantages of cross-platform app development are Fast time to market, Low cost, Fast Development, and a broader audience reach.
  • We use cross-platform frameworks due to their unique offerings and competitive advantages.
    reactjs xamrin native ionic

Custom Mobile Applications

Our highly skilled developers have a breadth of experience creating applications for various industries. We can make any functionality for your application, and we can build a customized mobile application or professionally revamp your mobile application by adding customized features, integrations, and changes.

We are highly skilled in developing unique Android, iOS and mobile applications that include your crucial and custom-tailored business needs at affordable prices.



iOS App development

iOS platform provides its users with top-of-the-line security, which is the most significant benefit of the app. With the vast number of iPhone users around the globe, Businesses have more chances to advertise their services. We assist businesses in standing out and achieving more meaningful business goals with iOS mobile application development services.

We build native iOS Applications in Swift and Objective C. We help our clients with custom iOS applications that work perfectly on iOS platforms like iPhones, iPods, Apple Watches, Apple TV, etc.


Android App development

We offer Android app development solutions for entrepreneurs, SMBs, and enterprises. The Android application developers possess years of experience in creating secure, custom, highly functional, futuristic mobile applications for the full spectrum of Android devices. We build Native Apps in Java, and our work with Android sees clients bringing people closer to the products, content, and digital experiences they love.


Mobile Application Development Advantages at TechAvidus


Job Success Rate

Top Rated by Upwork and based on 96% Job Success


Cross Functional

Cross-functional teams with ten years of collective experience


Flexibility to choose

Flexibility to choose the best resources from an experienced team.



Experience in Deeply customized projects



Automation on Deployment enables us to deliver new apps faster


Dedicated Manager

Dedicated Project Manager and Account Manager

65 +
In-House Experts
100 +
Clients Globally
150 +
Five Star Reviews
96 %
Job Success Rate

We add ‘Intelligence’ stimuli to your Mobile Apps

It's more than what meets the eye when implementing AI and ML in mobile apps to make them more efficient and enhance user experience. Site a few case studies here.


Taking the help of the user's browsing history provides users with further insights on what else they might prefer. Similar to suggestions that appear on Netflix or Amazon.

Optimized Search

AI simplifies the search procedure. Moreover, the search results are contextual and, in a way, inherent as well.

Customer Support – Chatbots

Bots are programmed to give accurate responses to user requests. They generate real-time responses with precise information.

Learning With EASE

The statistical model based on ML determines students’ memory cycle and reminds them of timely revisions.

User Behavior Prediction

Mobile apps based on ML help physicians with treatments in advance by early prediction based on the patient's data.

Enhanced Security Levels

Using ML, we can streamline app authentication by setting up bio-metrics data to improve security levels. Features like image and voice recognition have created automated, voice-operated intelligent homes.

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